I need to focus

I finally got the third edition print versions of the episode guides out in the retail wilds. I was really just procrastinating, but the KDP Print uploads went off without a hitch. Received the IngramSpark proofs yesterday and, no surprise, I’m less than impressed with the quality. I considered a podcast/video about it, but deleted what I recorded. Maybe I’ll do one in future. I’d like to get the last available guide re-issued but can’t quite muster the enthusiasm to make those changes.

Since the guide project became a black hole that merely sucked my time and resources into a void of nothingness, I’m not continuing. Energy could be better spent on the backlog of novels and novellas I have.

I bought a microphone for audio recordings and think I’ve found the best settings and set-up. Still need a windscreen, but I’m making due for now. I rambled on for quite a bit last night on a new book review and still need to do a bit of editing.

More importantly, I need to focus on my novel. I kept telling myself if I just got those re-issues out of my way, I could dive back into it. Truth is, I find more distractions so I can continue procrastinating, like doing book reviews or anecdotal videos about writing.

So here’s my plan: get the last completed guide out by the end of June. The book review I mentioned is almost done, so I’ll post that in the next week or so. Another book I wanted to review I need to re-read. Since it’s a horror novel, I can always aim for a Halloween timed review. What’s that leave? Work on the damn novel. Here’s hoping.


Stuff and more stuff

I’ve been remiss with blog posts, I know. I was focused on updated editions of the guides. I have one more to go, but I’m not rushing it. I don’t know when I’ll get to it. For all intents and purposes, I’m burned out. Too much work, no real reward.

I’ve started doing some podcast videos on writing (using anecdotes of my own positive and negative experiences) and book reviews. I have two reviews on deck, so to speak (it is baseball season after all), and another review I’d like to do, but I need to re-read the book again. I’m holding off on recording the two because I’m waiting for a new microphone which I’m sure will make a big difference in audio quality. And it’s audio only, cameras don’t like me (not anymore anyway, time and age is a cruel bitch).  I have a face for radio, as the saying goes. And possibly a voice for silent movies.

Anyway, that’s where things stand at the moment. I’m Just trying to clear things off the over-filled plate and reclaim a bit of sanity. I’ll add a link to my pitiful fledgling YouTube channel in the sidebar. Below is the podcast (audio only) version of my latest YT post.


Getting closer

I’m finally nearing the end of this re-issuing business of the episode guides. I’m in the process of making changes to the manuscript for number five and am over the half-way point in re-proofing volume six. Things seem to be on schedule and it’s looking like I’ll finish around the time I expected. Then I can finally get back to the novel.

There’s still so much that needs to be done. I may have to start listening to my files again to fully immerse myself in that world and the characters’ lives. A thought recently occurred to me though; why is it, when I envision a certain character’s home, I always see it in very dim lighting? Always. Then I thought, I see a lot of this story that way. Maybe because of its setting, my mind is ascribing an appropriate sepia tint to things.

Well, onward. The sooner I get these last books re-issued, the sooner I can dive back into it. I’ve been pulled in so many different directions of late; resolving the CreateSpace issues, transferring to KDP, learning the IngramSpark curve, adjusting to Photoshop, using D2D, creating a Twitter presence, fine-tuning this site. I’m exhausted just reading about all that.

A productive day

It’s been quite a busy day. Last night was busy, too. I’ve been tinkering with the website. I opted for a slideshow on the home page, rather than a static list of books, as well as adding Author Page links and the Abstruse & Louche imprint logo. I’ve added a new menu category and created a couple of drop down menus for more streamlined navigation. Individual titles now have their own page with image, blurb, and a few other basic bits of information. I made some quick buttons and am in the process of adding purchase links to each product page. It’s time-consuming and I’m burnt out already.

I’ve re-published the newest e-book edition of DS Guide Volume 3 with the new cover. It’s already hitting a few retail sites. I’ve also got the new print edition in the works at CreateSpace, and I’m almost finished re-proofing volume 4. It’s always welcomed when things flow well. I think a bacon cheeseburger, a couple of drinks, and a cheesy movie are in order.

Making headway

Some good news. Thanks to a patient and resolute customer support person at Lulu, the Barnes & Noble e-book issues have finally been resolved. Really, this rep was great. We only communicated via e-mail, but she was always pleasant and definitely not a slacker. So ends my association with Lulu.

The plan, don’t hold me to it, is to have the books republished through a different platform by late March/early April. I believe I also need to update the files on KDP as well, at least that’s what the note on my whiteboard tells me. I know I need to update the print edition CreateSpace files, having finessed my manuscript template. I need to apply those modifications, or maybe I already have? I’ll have to check. I’ve had so much on my plate of late.

In other good news, the Photoshop issue I was complaining about is no longer a problem. I suspected it was more a learning curve issue, which it was. I discovered how to do what I want, it’s merely done a little differently in PS than PSE. It was my impatience that got the better of me. Taking a few steps back and focusing on other and/or fewer things can really be beneficial.

Transcribing on volume 7 continues, albeit slowly. I’ll be caught up by the weekend. I can’t let it get out of hand again.

The novel, for the time being, remains on hiatus. Which kind of sucks, but I think once I get these other things squared away, my mind won’t be so cluttered and I can get back to work.