Didn’t expect that, but okay

My attention lately has not been where I want it to be. I think it’s because sub-consciously, I know the work that’s lying in wait and I don’t want to tackle it. So, diversion! At least the distraction is a productive one. I’ve been working on the next DS guide, little by little. I tell myself it’s good to step away from the novel from time to time. Here’s the reason why.




All those colorful post-it notes with minor corrections. Is it any wonder I want to occasionally pour a cocktail and lose myself in the craziness of Collinsport? And yes, that one page has paragraphs bracketed with a REWORK  notation in the margin, for a full two-thirds of the page. Isn’t this fun?

The procrastination game pays off

It’s amazing how easily I can think up half a dozen things to do in order to avoid work on my manuscript. Though to be fair, one of the distractions was actually book related research, which paid off extremely well. I had cut some things from a particular scene that I wasn’t completely sold on, even though I liked portions of the old material. Now I can keep what was best of the old and blend it with the much better, newer idea. It just seems like there’s never enough time to do everything that needs doing. If only I could clone myself. Fear not, however, work is getting done, albeit slowly.

The episode guide relaunch of the e-book versions is in limbo because one retailer is taking their sweet time pulling the old versions from their website. I haven’t re-released Volume 6 in print yet because I had to make a decision involving photo editing software. Sorry, Affinity, I don’t have the time it takes for the learning curve and Ingram is so damn finicky about the files they’ll accept. Photoshop it is. I hate having to use the Adobe Creative Cloud, but Photoshop Elements doesn’t do what I need.

As for the Volume 7 episode guide……good God that Leviathan storyline. Brutal in so many ways.

Half the battle done

I’ve finally finished proofing Volume 4 of the episode guides in preparation of a revised release. Now I enter the next phase, making the changes for the print edition, which I modify slightly for the e-book. Once completed, I’ll have revised all previously published guides and moved them to the new publishing platform. With luck, Volume 4 will be available by the end of the month.