Despite the types of works I write, I’m surprisingly well-adjusted with a good sense of humor.

I enjoy books written between the late-18th century to mid-20th century and movies ranging from the silent era, the Golden Age of Hollywood, B-movies, and the occasional cult movie from the 60’s through the 80’s. Reviews of books and movies can be found on the blog.

I believe writing, or storytelling, is a craft. I’ve been writing for several decades in a variety of genres, but literature with Gothic undertones, and forays into horror, are my forte and my niche. With a focus on complex characters and intricate plots, the goal is to create stories that not only entertain, but provoke thought.

Some of my novels and novellas have a tendency to run to the dark side and contain sinuous plots revolving around moral ambiguity and moral relativism. I like to burrow down below the surface and into characters’ psyches, occasionally challenging myself in the writing process by delving into subject matter, themes, or subtext that can be considered controversial, and maturely and intelligently address those issues. Works primarily focus on horror, suspense, occult/supernatural thriller, psychological horror, and darkly themed character driven literature with elements of mystery and the surreal.

On the lighter side, I’ve also written a romantic-comedy bedroom farce play, and a series of humorous episode guides.

I can be found on Twitter at twitter.com/hjpauthor