Took long enough

I got the CreateSpace issue sorted out earlier this week (I think it was this week, the days have become a blur of late). Anyway, volume 3 is live, finally.

Last night, albeit through very heavy-lidded eyes (I almost fell asleep at one point), I completed the re-proofing for volume 5. And today, I finished making changes to volume 4. Volume 6 awaits, but I haven’t read it in a while, so it’ll seem fresh in places.

I was thinking the other night about a story I’ve long since written in my head (I have several like that; it’s a blessing and a curse), but have precious little in a tangible form. Anyway, some time ago I had considered making a change, adding something to the beginning. I liked it, and yet I didn’t. Any time I think about this work, I go back and forth over that possible addition. I’ve finally decided; it doesn’t belong. Although I liked a lot of what I came up with, it’s not right for that story. That particular work is a solid three act piece, it doesn’t need anything else. Now if only I could find the time to write it.




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