Head ’em up, move ’em out

CreateSpace still can’t get their act together. In fact, they’ve taken a step backward. I had retired a title in order to replace it with the new edition published under my imprint, Abstruse & Louche. I received a confirmation Wednesday that the title was retired, and it said as much on the dashboard. Great. Today, the book is listed as available (not, however, on Amazon, I had removed the book from all sales channels). The third edition remains suppressed, because, idiots. That requires another round of e-mails that will most likely go unanswered and pull me away from doing the work I need (and want) to do. Can I bill them for my time?

In light of that idiocy, I ran a test earlier this evening. I moved an old title (the never-sells play) from CreateSpace to KDP Print, to test the waters. It’s a simple process, KDP will import your files after confirming/verifying the ISBN through your CreateSpace account. I’m not crazy about their previewer, especially for the cover. However, if need be, I can always redo it with a new template from KDP. The interior looked fine. I’ve pretty much decided to move everything over within the next week or two. Perhaps even this weekend.

On another front, I finally caught up with the backlog of volume 7 transcribing. I’m still re-proofing volume 5, and making changes to volume 4 in preparation for their relaunch. It occurred to me last night that I hadn’t been working on the volume 4 changes this week because of the CS problems. Problems that eat away at my time, thoughts, and motivation.

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