Intentionally messing with me

Remember that in-limbo proof copy I’ve been talking about? You know, the one that’s still suppressed even as I type this? Yeah, that one. I received the proof. No notification from CreateSpace that it shipped, it just showed up unexpectedly. Communication from them, on most fronts, seems to be non-existent. Unless you retire a title, then they’re right on top of it. Read into that what you will. As for the proof, I’m not digging the color, I need to make a small change…except I can’t because the title is still inaccessible. Isn’t this a wonderful merry-go-round of idiocy?

The longer this continues, the more I’m edging toward KDP Print. I know that’s exactly what Amazon wants and will probably be the source of other headaches at some point. Recall, if you will, the KDP reporting problems earlier this year. The only reason I need an Amazon POD company is to avoid the 1-2 day delay if I strictly use IngramSpark. Immediate gratification for the shopper. The great thing about using IS though, in addition to better distribution to other retailers, is the title will stay on Amazon, even if CS or KDP suppresses it.

CreateSpace, it’s not me. It’s you.


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