Warming up to IngramSpark

The CreateSpace suppression issue continues for the print edition re-issue of volume 3. Adding more fun to the mix, I removed the old version from distribution late yesterday afternoon and contacted CS that I wanted to retire the title and why (republish under my own ISBN and imprint). Within two hours, the book disappeared from Amazon’s site. I had e-mail confirmation from them that the title had been retired about twenty hours later.

Once I finished up on the CS site yesterday, I threw caution to the wind and uploaded the title to IngramSpark¬† I just ordered my proof copy ten minutes ago. Like anything else, it took a couple of times to learn the set-up and ordering processes. It was a breeze this time. Although it’s still a long ways off, I’m looking forward to creating the hard cover edition of Iniquitous Desires through them. My very own novel with a dust jacket. Maybe then I’ll actually feel like a published author. Honestly, I don’t feel like one. The guides are fun, and a lot of work, but they aren’t what I initially set out to do. Add to that the neophyte mistakes I made when I first started publishing, which I’m finally addressing and correcting now. I’ve considered giving up the episode guide project multiple times, but then I figure, I got this far, I may as well finish it. That being said, once I get the back catalog out under the imprint, my time will be split between volume 7 and the novel, with an emphasis on the novel. I miss those people. Curiously, the play I published in 2015 didn’t make me feel legitimate either. Maybe it’s just my innate cynicism and self-doubt.

There I go, digressing again. Back on track, obviously, there are problems behind the scenes at CreateSpace. The inability to access certain parts of a title’s set-up has been resolved, but suppression city remains. Is it a diabolical plan by Amazon to push authors to KDP Print? Probably. Depending on how long, if ever, it takes to get the book out of suppression prison, I may just retire the remaining two older books early and go through KDP, then transfer the other titles over. I haven’t decided. CS isn’t communicating on a lot of fronts. Frustrating for some, maddening for others. Having mellowed with age, I just call it what it is, bullshit.

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