CreateSpace, what ails you?

CreateSpace is on the decline, and it’s a damn shame. Yes, books would be suppressed from time to time, but resolution was always swift. Not so much now. I uploaded a title over the weekend and ordered a proof on Sunday. Hey, their e-mail said, everything’s great, you can order a proof! I usually select the 2 day delivery option so I can approve and have it available by the next weekend. So basically, a one week turn-around. Well, the book has been suppressed. I replied to their validation e-mail. Nothing. This morning…still nothing, so I replied again. You know, just in case.

Adding to this chaotic cluster, I uploaded a slightly improved cover for another book. I noticed, however, that the sales channels option showed incomplete, with 0 selected. I certainly didn’t set the title up that way. Even more fun, when I click on the channels option, only an image of my book loads with save and save & continue buttons. Save what, exactly? My internet sleuthing has revealed I’m not the only one with either of these problems.

It seems CreateSpace is ill. Dying? Perhaps. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Amazon is trying to push authors to use KDP Print. It looks like I jumped to IngramSpark at just the right time, however, I like to use CS for proofs because it doesn’t cost anything to revise. For the next re-issue, I might try KDP print and see how it goes. It never fails; resolve one set of issues, new ones replace them.


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