A productive day

It’s been quite a busy day. Last night was busy, too. I’ve been tinkering with the website. I opted for a slideshow on the home page, rather than a static list of books, as well as adding Author Page links and the Abstruse & Louche imprint logo. I’ve added a new menu category and created a couple of drop down menus for more streamlined navigation. Individual titles now have their own page with image, blurb, and a few other basic bits of information. I made some quick buttons and am in the process of adding purchase links to each product page. It’s time-consuming and I’m burnt out already.

I’ve re-published the newest e-book edition of DS Guide Volume 3 with the new cover. It’s already hitting a few retail sites. I’ve also got the new print edition in the works at CreateSpace, and I’m almost finished re-proofing volume 4. It’s always welcomed when things flow well. I think a bacon cheeseburger, a couple of drinks, and a cheesy movie are in order.

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