Oh, IngramSpark, you scamps

Let’s face it. IngramSpark does intentionally keep things a tad murky. Although my uploads went off swimmingly and the e-proofs (which must be approved to enable ordering of physical copies – what?) looked fine, I made an error nonetheless. Learn from my mistake.

When you finally get around to the ordering process (I wanted a single proof of two different titles) there’s a strangely worded little option about holding until the sale date (or something along those lines). This is important now — WAIVE IT! I couldn’t figure out why my order was just sort of languishing in Pending mode, even though I chose to pay a little more to expedite the print job and shipping. After digging around on the not-so-user-friendly help section, I finally found the answer, which was that the publisher has the option to waive. Thanks for being clear as mud. And guess what, there’s no way to edit your order. Instead, I edited the On Sale date, bumping it up about a week to next Tuesday. We’ll see what happens.

I’m passing this along because I find so little info out there about navigating the IngramSpark maze. Live and learn, right?




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