The self-publishing merry-go-round

Quickly checking in since I’ve been lax in posting. Truth is, I’ve been busy trying to get the episode guides reissued. It’s a process, and today I’m feeling a bit burned out by it all. But there is good news. The first two books (e-books) have been re-released. Volume 1 print edition has also been released…to one channel at least. It’s available on Amazon and is working through the IngramSpark machine as we speak. I’m keeping a positive thought that there won’t be any issues with Ingrams. Fingers crossed.

I avoided IngramSpark, as I did CreateSpace, in part because of complaints that the process was complicated, vague, and lacking in straightforward instructions. True, CS had/has very outdated info and I think Ingrams does it on purpose to weed out the not-so-serious, only looking to make a fast buck type of self-publishing authors. I can say that although it’s a different animal, setting up a title on IngramSpark isn’t that bad or difficult. I’ll pass along this advice; take your time. Don’t rush. Read and watch tutorials on the web. There are a lot of folks who post a video or blog entry that can be incredibly helpful. If, like me, you’re delving into CMYK covers, practice, practice, practice.

Speaking of which, the new print edition has more of a smoky slate blue compared to the jewel tone sapphire of the e-book. I like it. I finessed the interior file as well and I’m pleased with the outcome overall.

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