One down, far too many to go

Finally released the revised Vol 1 e-book. We’ll see if Apple rejects it because I don’t consider the episode range as a subtitle. They do, apparently, which is a pain, and necessitates making changes to either the cover or the metadata. As far as the print version, I need to do some behind-the-scenes things with CreateSpace before release, but I’m not stressing myself over this. Slow and steady, a bit at a time. Thinking or worrying about too many things at once just bogs you down.

The read through of Vol 2 is going well. Not too many changes (it’s those damn commas, they get me every time). I think I made more important ones (fixing typos, mainly) prior to the KDP and CS uploads. I’m aiming to have the Vol 2 e-book out by the end of the month. With any luck, I’ll have the new print editions for both 1 and 2 out by then as well. Fingers crossed.


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