Cannot get ahead

The Nook issue persists and by this point, I wonder why I give a damn anymore. Probably because I can’t complain directly to them and have to get on Lulu. Somebody has truly dropped the ball. My money’s on B&N.

I opted to get Photoshop. Downloading it was a joy. Finally worked on the fifth try. And the whole reason for this is because of Ingram’s and their persnickety nature. A good portion of yesterday and today has been spent in PS trying to redo a cover in CMYK. Which I detest. And, oh, what’s that? An action that was one damn click in Photoshop Elements doesn’t exist (or isn’t easily found) in Big Daddy Photoshop, causing me endless frustration? I can do that with my eyes closed in PSE, but, because PSE doesn’t support CMYK, and PS doesn’t seem to do what I need, I may need to reconsider all the episode guide covers, built from the ground-up in CMYK. I’m beyond aggravated.

The light bulb just went off. Fuck it. Since CreateSpace can figure out what to do with an RGB file and provide impressive results, I’m going to keep right on going like I have been with them. Kudos to ’em. The Amazon versions will have one type of cover. The Ingram distributed books will have another, yet to be determined. I don’t give a good goddamn if it’s confusing. Fortunately, the novel (nope, haven’t worked on that in weeks because of all these other issues) converts well, due to its limited and more neutral color palette.

I’m exhausted from both the nonsense and the bitching about it.

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