Inspired, but not in the right way

Yes, my habit of finding things to distract me is still going strong. Did I just see a squirrel, or something shiny? Anyway, I did manage to make minor corrections to a chapter of the novel over the weekend and when I glanced at the next, knowing some reworking needed to be done, I was happy to see I’d already dropped some relevant notes in the appropriate places. Then I got distracted, which lingered into the next day, such was my mania. What thing has so captured my attention?

I’m in the process of creating a cocktail based on the book. Oh yes. And not just any old thing with the usual spirits. This one has to be unique, with ingredients to match its personality. I’m very close, but I need to tinker a bit more. Fortunately, one of the ingredients I really wanted to use was easier to find than I thought. I even commended the shopkeep for having it in stock. Lucky for me, it blended nicely with the key spirit. Unfortunately, another item is not so easy to find. I ended up ordering it on Amazon. There was another sticking point of how to work in another spirit, something that has to be present, but not overwhelming. Then it hit me and the little hamster on the wheel kept running and I latched onto another thing. Once I pick up and receive all the necessities, the true alchemy can begin.

And even though it’s a lumbering ox of a story arc, I’m still watching episodes for the next guide.

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