Research can be fun

I’m in a strange place right now. I’m still at the mercy of one book retailer that moves at a snail’s pace when it comes to removing titles from their site. As a result, the episode guide e-books remain in limbo, save for Amazon, which I realize isn’t everyone’s choice when it comes to e-books. I’m trying not to get frustrated. I could re-publish the print edition of volume six, but for some reason, I keep holding off on that. Probably because of Ingram’s anal retentive file requirements. I don’t need, nor want, the hassle at the moment.

I’ve been watching episodes for volume seven, but not writing them up. I have a backlog of about ten, that I can’t bring myself to transcribe. I’m merely amusing myself with the audio recordings of my notes.

I haven’t done a damn thing on the novel for a week. Except for research on a specific thing, which technically, I did two weeks ago, but I decided to expand my studies. Originally, in the first draft written more years ago than I care to admit, I had a scene where characters imbibed in a particular drink. Years later, after the story evolved for the better, I decided to ditch that specific libation. As I said in one of my notes:

“and it was kind of funny, because I thought to myself……[L] doesn’t have the fucking time to dick with that. I mean, he’s a busy man. He’s not the idle rich. He has this major company, he’s…whatever. You know, he doesn’t have fucking time to waste with fucking absinthe bullshit. He doesn’t strike me……[LD] does not strike me as being the kind of man who would have the patience for that.”

Makes me laugh every time I listen to it, because it’s true. Instead, I found a more than suitable replacement. In fact, the replacement is better than my original idea for a number of reasons. Anyway, I was expanding my research, like I said, and made a very pleasant discovery.

glass copy








This is yellow chartreuse, and it makes for a very nice afternoon sipping liqueur. Less assertive than the green, with a hint of sweet honey, it’s nice and smooth over ice. Very enjoyable. With its sunny yellow color and mildness, I associate yellow chartreuse with the daytime. Green chartreuse I associate with night and darker, more mysterious, intriguing things. Yellow chartreuse isn’t the substitute in the book, I just wanted to give it some recognition, it’s often overlooked or outright snubbed.

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