That was encouraging

Needing a hard copy of my manuscript to work off of, I opted to get an early, incomplete proof of the book. After crunching the numbers, it was cheaper to buy two copies (with 2 day shipping, no less) than buying a ream of paper and some ink jet cartridges. I really have to commend CreateSpace. I submitted an Affinity Photo PDF/X-1a:2003 in the default SWOP profile and the cover looks great. When I first received the proof, I wasn’t sure about the image at first and considered a complete redo. I think because I’ve been looking at it onscreen for so long, seeing it in print was, I don’t know, jarring? I warmed up to it quick enough, though, and have dropped my plan to try it in a glossy finish; the matte gives it the vibe I want. I just need to tweak  one of the CMYK colors a little. Although I’m nowhere near using Ingram yet, why the hell do they have to be so difficult with file type submissions?

I’ve been lugging the book around with me, along with Post-Its and highlighters, hoping to get in some proofing here-and-there. I hadn’t planned on this, but today an opportunity presented itself to get feedback on the cover. Both people who saw it, liked it. I just hope they weren’t bullshitting me.

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