That wasn’t very bright

Every so often, we have the opportunity to learn new things, usually after engaging in, let’s call it, a bout of dumbassery. First things first. I’m not writing today because my brain needs the break; I don’t even remember the majority of what I worked on yesterday. Back to the idiocy…

When I started this writing and self-publishing thing, I went with Lulu because it seemed to be easiest, especially being a Mac and LibreOffice user.  I ditched them, however, because they a) have limited trim sizes and I detest 6 X 9, and b) cost, I had to hike up my retail price to cover the distribution fee. Once I got the hang of things, I decided to switch to Createspace and KDP. What could possibly go wrong? Faster availability, ability to check sales whenever I wanted, downloadable cover templates, a smorgasbord of trim sizes! (I’m partial to 5.5 X 8.5 for most projects) Sounds great, right?

Wrong. Expanded distribution is absolutely worthless. What’s more, ever since I moved everything over to CS, no more Ingram sales. Not a damn one. The episode guides are very, very, niche. I didn’t realize, until those sales evaporated, how much I messed up. I suspect it was small, independent bookstores buying them. So, yet again, I’ll be republishing the back catalog, using Ingramspark for non-Amazon distribution, starting with Volume 6, the launch of which was pathetic. Everything will be under the imprint  Abstruse & Louche.


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