Another hurdle cleared

The overstuffed file of audio notes (forty of them!) has finally been transcribed. It was a chore, but it needed to be done. I also manged to get a dozen or so newer, much shorter, files written up as well. The last transcription task is already underway; writing up the notes from an older recorder that I can’t transfer the files from. I managed to get through two today, one quite lengthy (I do run on at times). A dozen to go, then I can start the next laborious process of chapter specific notes comprised of all the dictated ones. It sounds complicated, I know, and a lot of extra steps, but the story is intricate and layered. I think all the detailed, preliminary work will make for a much more impactful and thought provoking novel in the end.

I did take a break to read over a chapter I worked on last weekend, reading a section aloud and recording it. Listening back, I was pleased with how it sounded, especially since parts of it came to me as I was working.

My mantra of late has been “do a little work each day, no matter what it is.” I need to stick with that until I’m finished with the project. I’ll have to make a concerted effort not to slack off, which, let’s face it, is way too easy to do.

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