A blessing and a curse

Digital recorders have been an integral part of my writing process for the last three years or so. Too many times in the past ideas have slipped away because I had no paper to hand or wasn’t about to get out of bed at 2:00 am to scribble out a thought.  On the recorders, I have, on occasion, engaged in forty-five minutes to an hour’s worth of stream of consciousness rambling that yielded surprising results. They’re useful tools when trying to puzzle something out or work out a timeline. I even use them for brief, ‘don’t forget this’ notes to myself.  That’s the blessing.

The curse aspect is having too many files. Or talking about the same things, at length, in several files and then not being able to find what you need when you want to work on a particular chapter, despite having transcribed the marathon sessions. That being said, even with the note overload, those little, unassuming devices are invaluable.


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